Chronica Feudalis PDF Now Available!

Dash over to where you’ll find the Chronica Feudalis PDF ready to buy. This 128 page electronic copy of the game provides everything you need to play daring knights, crafty courtiers, determined monks, and rebellious peasants in the imagined past of 12th century Europe.

With Chronica Feudalis’ quick and intuitive mechanics, your characters will engage in thrilling combats, parleys, chases, and subterfuge. Your characters will increase in skill with the help of their mentors and the FATE-based aspect mechanics allow you to add flavor and drama to every roll.

Chronica Feudalis will be making its debut in print this August at Gen Con Indy.

  1. Over at the RPGHaven, we’re discussing the game a bit and wondering which parts, if any, are open content. Is it just the FATE aspect bits or the whole game system?

    Also, I just discovered CF so haven’t had the time to find all the info but was wondering if there are any examples of how conflicts play out at the table.

    Sounds very interesting and I await eagerly a print version!

  2. Hello!

    The entire rules set is open content. What isn’t open is the title, the examples, the narrator’s anecdotes and flavor text, including the foreword and the “Explore” chapter in their entirety.

    Here’s an example combat, straight from the conflict chapter of the book:

    The knight, sword drawn, succeeds in his Swim roll and is now standing face-to-face with Sir Robert. Because it took an action for the knight to move, William pays me an Ardor point for a simultaneous action to attack. William rolls the knight’s d8 Strike, and a d8 for the sword. The roll comes up 8 and 5.

    With a particularly nasty attack aimed at him, Sir Robert attempts to deflect with a shield. This is my one reaction and will not cost an Ardor point. I roll my d4 Parry and my d12 kite shield. I get a 5 and a 1. Not nearly enough to stop the knight’s sword.

    The attack connects, so I make a Fitness roll. Robert’s Fitness rank is d8 and I add another d8 for his mail hauberk. He will need all the help he can get, so I invoke his helm for another d6. I roll the pool. I get a 5, a 3 and a 3. The sword hacks through Sir Robert’s armor and into his flesh.

    The knight’s results of 8 and 5 score a double success against my defense’s primary result of 5. Normally, Sir Robert would lose 2 points of Vigor in this situation, but I choose to take a d8 injury so that his Vigor is only reduced by 1 point. William describes the injury as A gashed left shoulder.

    I’ll follow up at RPGHaven as well.

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