What do you think of Chronica Feudalis?

If you’ve picked up a copy of CF, I’d love to hear what you think of it and I’m sure others would to. Where can you make your opinion known? Well, consider the following…

The RPGnet Index. Here you can rate the game, leave comments, record your sessions, and add it to your collection.

The RPG Geek. Rate the game, become a fan, upload your play-aids, add your links, and post comments and sessions.

RPGNow / DriveThru. If you’ve purchased the pdf from one of these stores, please consider leaving a brief review and a rating for the benefit of other interested customers.

If you want to start a discussion or ask questions about Chronica Feudalis, I’d highly suggest starting a thread at the forums I regularly check up on: RPGnet, The RPG Haven, and Story Games. If you prefer a different forum, or want to talk about it on your blog, email me at jeremy [at] cellar-games [dot] com or leave a comment here with a link and I’d be happy to chime in and answer any questions.

If you play Chronica Feudalis, please write about your experiences on your favorite forum or blog. Nothing makes me more happy than seeing people making use of this little game I wrote and reading about the adventures.

And you can always leave comments on this blog!

  1. I’ve put up a little review on RPGNow, Jeremy.

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