New Downloads

There are two new pdf files available at the Chronica Feudalis downloads page.

The first is cf_pregens.pdf. It consists of a collection of pre-generated characters. These are the protagonists that I created for the “Warwick Castle” scenario I ran at Gen Con (it’s also featured at the end of the “Explore” chapter in the core rules of the game). These eight characters are proper starting protagonists, each supplied with personalized aspects and their own particular agenda.

Second is cf_reference.pdf, a fan-submitted reference document supplied by BiggerBoat. It does have the side-effect of taking what I describe as a relatively rules-light system and makes it look like a heavy-weight, but this flow chart is actually a very helpful look at how Chronica Feudalis works. It takes a step-by-step look at the system mechanics and conflict systems that you can use as a primer before the first time you play or keep on hand as a reference throughout your adventures. Take a look.

  1. The flowchart was good enough to give me a feel for the mechanics up front. Really, IMNSHO it should be migrated into the core as an appendix; it’s that good a tool.

    In fact, it sold me on the game. Because of that flowchart, I purchased the PDF. If you’ve read the book, everything you need for play is on the downloads page.

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