The Chronica Feudalis Manor System

I’m hard at work ironing out the mechanics and translating more scraps of Middle English scribbles for the as-of-yet untitled first supplement for Chronica Feudalis. This book will detail rules for ruling lands and people – a knight’s fiefdom, a monastery’s holdings, an earl’s county – and add themes of power and responsibility in a very tactile way to a CF campaign.

What our intrepid cellarer and brothers Adam, James, and William left us with is a very incomplete and contradictory set of notes for mechanics that resolve peasant husbandry, the building of cathedrals and castles, warfare, and leaving your holdings to your inheritors. This is not to say that they were not prolific: there are plenty of words. They paint a fairly clear picture of their intentions and the results, but the methods by which they implement this leave me with many questions. And the answers appear to have been lost to time.

So, as with Chronica Feudalis itself, I am being quite liberal with my translation and making up answers as I go along. This process – that is, what I am contributing to the design of the manor system – I will journal here. Feel free to read along and even comment and participate if you so desire. I will tag these posts with the acronym CFMS (which stands for Chronica Feudalis Manor System) until I devise a title for the new book.

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