[CFMS] Elements of Feudal Life

These are various elements of feudal and manor life that I’m interested in having some level of representation of in the system.

  • The difference between free peasants and villeins. The first pays rent to the lord in goods, the second pays in work on the lord’s demesne.
  • The manor calendar: plowing, sowing of spring crops, harvesting, more plowing, sowing fall crops, winter.
  • Survival and condition of the villagers. Are harvests good enough to feed everyone?
  • Who gets the surplus in the case of a good harvest?
  • Lords being able to demand higher rents at the cost of peasants’ condition, or forgive rents to improve peasants’ condition.
  • Employing laborers and experts. Quarrying, lumbering, and mining. Masons, carpenters, and smiths.
  • The time and resources it takes to build important structures like castles and cathedrals.
  • Being able to build structures out of different materials. Wood vs. stone, cost vs. strength.
  • The size of your retinue is based on the number of people you can feed by the income of your holdings.
  • Providing equipment for men-at-arms and knights.
  • Granting holdings to vassals in exchange for their loyalty.
  • Inheritance, marriage, and loyalty as means to gain land.
  • Conquering and adventuring as a means to gain land.
  • Battle on the open field as well as siege warfare.
  • Generational play: former characters become mentors for future characters. Holdings and status are passed down.

Now the issue is how to incorporate all of those elements (and I am sure there are more) into a clean, elegant system.

  1. It would be good to also have the rare but potentially very lucrative “side ventures”:
    * Beehives
    * Fish ponds
    * Pidgeon coops

    While not the grain & meat staples, a lord who undertakes one of these may corner the market on rare but highly valued resources — sweetener, protein source, oil, guano.

  2. I like this. Not sure if I’ll be able to get quite down to this level of detail, but this could be quite interesting.

  3. about siege and warfare, do you intend to go in detail like a standard wargame or do you imagine a higher level ?

  4. I’m thinking of handling on two different levels. The first is strategic: a contest between two commanders; very abstract. The second is tactical: you keep track of various units, possibly using miniatures; much more detailed.

  5. okay, the tactical would be for what size of engagement ? Small scale ones like ambushes, raids, chevauchee, or for bigger scales battle like Crecy with 50 000 people ?

    I am a wargamer since the early eighties and i can help an dpropose some stuff on that matter if you want

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