[CFMS] Masters

In Chronica Feudalis, you pick three mentors – three experts who help to define your protagonist. Likewise, when establishing a new manor, you will pick a selection of masters. Masters help to define what part of manor business you are good at. Master quarryman, master lumberers, and master miners can help you win resources. Master masons, master carpenters, and master smiths can help you build structures and equipment. A reeve is a master husband who manages the manor’s demesne. Other master’s can give your manor access to take on some more flavorful ventures: beekeeping and ale brewing, for example.

Each master comes with a special kind of aspect called a profession. A profession is freely defined like an aspect but is trained and advanced like a skill. You can take a master as one of your mentors during character creation. Each master trains you in two skills and one profession, which you add in addition to your standard three aspects at a starting rank of d6. With a d6 profession, you are an apprentice. Advancing it to a d8 makes you a journeyman and increasing it to a d10 would make you a master yourself. You can include your level of expertise in the profession’s description (Apprentice smith or Journeyman stone-cutter) or define them in as flavorful manner as you would your an aspect (Clumsy carpenter or Perfectionist mason).

The professions of resident masters are aspects that can be invoked in the endeavors of a manor. Invoke your reeve’s husbandry profession to help bring in a good harvest. Invoke you master mason’s profession to build that stone bridge faster and better. Professions not only represent the expertise of that one master, but indicate the ability of his apprentices and laborers in the village who have trained and work under him.

You’ll only have a limited number of masters with a new manor (maybe two or three), so you’ll need to choose carefully among the available choices and pick which of many endeavors you want your manor to excel at. As play goes on, you can woe additional masters through role-playing to join your village and expand your abilities.

  1. Great idea. Will Professions be restricted to crafts (eg stonemason, carpenter etc) or will they be extended to other fields of expertise – such, as for instance, the legal / judicial knowledge of clerks ?

    I was recently trying to stat up Fran├žois Villon for CF and tried to devise a “clerk mentor” to account for his university education but could not find three skills which really reflected the benefits of such an education – but the system you suggest would have worked perfectly in this case, with two skills and a profession of Clerk.

  2. You can certainly extend them to any occupation. As far as the list of masters included in the book, I’ll probably stick to those related to manor life – of which, I think, clerk could make the cut.

  3. Oh, forgot to say: you should totally add Fran├žois Villon to the Medieval Celebrities thread on RPGnet…

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