The Chronica Feudalis Revision Document

Since publishing Chronica Feudalis, I have found a few, slight wrinkles in the game-play. I have discovered these both from the demos and regular campaign I have run as well as from feedback from the fans out there. So I have started compiling a document of revisions to the rules system. I have posted this revision document in the downloads section of the Chronica Feudalis website as well as a character sheet and mentor list that are compatible with the revisions. If you are currently running or about to start a Chronica Feudalis game, I would highly suggest looking over this document, as many of the revisions serve to simplify and smooth-out game-play and other revisions help to better define some of the more vague rules. Feel free to pick and choose the revisions you wish to play with, but please be aware that a few of the revisions are dependent on other revisions.

Here is what the revisions do:

  • Combines the reaction and passive defense into one defense roll
  • Streamlines the skill list down to 20 skills (5 in each category)
  • Revises mentors in regards to the new skill list
  • Enhances the effectiveness of conditions, therefor making maneuvers more advantageous
  • Removes the Vigor Rush rule
  • Clarifies disarming an opponent through the use of a maneuver
  • Better defines the rules for buying and selling using one’s purse
  • Includes a conversion guide for updating existing characters to the revised rules

Be sure to check back often as further revisions may be added to this document.

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  1. I agree with these changes and would like to subscribe to your newsletter. :)

  2. Any chance this ends up in printed copies?

  3. Definitely. My hope is to print a Chronica Feudalis Revised around the time the manor system is released. I just don’t want to move too fast with it so that I can collect any other necessary revisions in the meantime (I don’t want to have to print a Revised Revised edition within another year if I can help it).

  4. Question: will those of us who bought in PDF have to rebuy to get the revision?

    (You announced it the revision just days after I purchased….)

  5. Hi Jeremy,
    I was just about to purchase the PDF from RPGnow after reading a swag of glowing reviews… Now I’m inclined to wait for the revision. Why not update the PDF now but hold off on the hardcopy until it’s all ‘in the bag’?

  6. @ Aramis: I would certainly like to make the revised PDF free to everyone who purchased the original rules, but I won’t be able to say for sure until I get to that point.

    @ Mike: If you’re interested at all in the PDF, get yourself over to RPGNow right now and order the $20 Gamers Helping Haiti bundle. Chronica Feudalis and over $1000 worth of other PDFs are included as a free thank you for your $20 donation. It only lasts until tomorrow (Jan 31st), and it is so worth it no matter how you look at it.

    The revisions so far result in pretty significant changes to the text. The removal of the two-fold defense means some heavy changes to the Conflict chapter and several examples need to be rewritten, five skills need to be removed and one needs to be added. Changing the text isn’t by itself hard, but what it does to the pagination and the flow of the text in the layout is a different story. Problems may occur and I was thinking of having an editor do another pass to catch any kinks that might appear.

    It’s all going to get done but I would prefer to only have to go through this process once. So, the revision document will have to serve for a while. In the meantime, keep talking about the game. It’s your blog posts, forum posts, reviews, tweets, and actual play reports that let me see what is working in the game and what might need to be added to the revisions.

  7. Hi,

    The revised combat rules are a little unclear; the text seems to contradict the example.

    The text says that you can invoke each parrying tool you have once in a round, and that you may invoke one such tool each round for free. i.e. if I take two attacks in a round, I can use my sword to block one, my shield to block the other; the first block is free, the second costs ardor.

    On the other hand, the example has both the sword AND shield invoked for free, and doesn’t make it clear whether or not they could be invoked against subsequent attacks in the same round by paying ardor.

    Which interpretation (if either) is correct?


  8. Also, what happens to the out-of-conflict uses of fitness? It’s not clear what would now cover feats of strength, resisting disease and environmental conditions, etc.

  9. Good catch.

    When I said “Additionally, only one such tool may be freely invoked per round” I meant to say “per defense roll.” So if you have a sword and a shield, you can invoke them both for free but not at the same time. Does that make sense?

    I’ll update the document sometime later today and try to make that clearer. Thanks for the feedback, Sam.

  10. Brawl should now be used to for feats of strength (Brawl is also found on more of the mentors now, so should be a little more common in the game). Fend should be used for resisting disease and environmental conditions.

    I’ll add this to the document as well, thanks.

  11. Cool! Thanks for responding so quickly; if the stars align I’ll run it this weekend.


  12. Happy to help.

    And I have now updated the document with those clarifications.

  13. Just out of interest, did you consider just having a combined weapon + armour trait list instead of having the free invoke?

    So, just off the top of my head:

    D4: Leather Armour
    D6: Leather Armour & Armed
    D8: Chain armour
    D10: Chain Armour & Sword
    D12: Chain Armour, Sword & Shield

    I realise it’s in some ways as messy as the free invoke, so I just put it out there as a thought.

  14. Rename “Fend” to “Ward”?


    I like the revision a lot, and also the small shields in the corners of the skills in the revised character sheets are of help to the players. So I thought if it would be possible to have more rewards from the similarities between the different conflict situations.

    If you would rename “Fend” to “Ward” and sort the skills again, “Ward” will be neighbor of “Will”, and “Heal” will be neighbor of “Entice”,

    So, the recovering skills would have a place in the middle and the “shields” would all be at the edges of the skill matrix


  15. Is printed copies available anymore?

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