Chronica Feudalis Blue Knight Edition

Announcing the Blue Knight edition of the medieval RPG, Chronica Feudalis. This new version incorporates all the changes from the revision document (found in the downloads section) into the complete text of the game. These updates to the rules, made over the past year since the game’s original publication, make this game of imagined adventure more streamlined and accessible at your game table.

Every effort has been made to maintain the pagination and layout of the original book. This means that, except for where rules have specifically changed, any rule you look up will be found on the same page as in the original edition. There’s nothing preventing you from playing with both versions at your game table.

Print copies of the Blue Knight edition will be available, barring any significant printer issues, at GenCon 2010. PDF sources will be updated with the new version soon. So if you already own the PDF of Chronica Feudalis, you will be able to update to the Blue Knight edition for free!

Just look for the blue knight on the cover.

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  1. Great news!

  2. Has this version been updated at RPGNow? I’m looking forward to purchasing it.

  3. Not quite yet, Craig. Hopefully by next week.

  4. Looking forward to it.
    I introduced a new gamer to gaming last night (my girlfriend) and she loved it! The system was the right amount of low crunch and involvement and she went right in for the mentor and aspect sections. (After an hour she was consulting one of her mentors (a Nun). Alas, she also had the “troublemaker” aspect which she had to endure during their meeting .
    So, thanks. I’m a believer.

  5. That is pure awesome, Craig. You made my day!

  6. I take it the new print edition will be available through other channels as well, not just at GenCon?

  7. It will! I’ll be ordering a print run that will go out to IPR shortly after GenCon.

  8. Hey Jeremy. Do you know when the pdf version will be available? I bought from, just wondering when I will be able to download the updated version (I managed to convince my inner circle of players to start a campaign in the next few weeks and Im all excited!)

  9. Hi Jim,

    I have indeed updated the file at DriveThru/RPGnow as well as at IPR now with the Blue Knight edition.

    The only issue is that if you got Chronica as part of the Haiti bundle, those files are evidently stored on another server and have not yet been updated. I have an email in to OneBookShelf to address this, so I am just awaiting their response at this point.

    Once that is worked out I will make a more official announcement of the new version’s availability.

  10. Hmm… I just tried to download the RPGNow file and received the Red Knight version of the file. I did not buy it through the Haiti bundle…

    I verified by checking the skill lists and sure enough reflex, etc are still there.

    Any ideas?

  11. Huh. Well, I’ll look into that as well.

    If anyone needs the new file right away, email me (jeremy /at/ cellar-games /dot/ com) with the order number from your original order and I’ll get you the new edition.

  12. Ive got the blue knight edition! Its awesome! Good job mister Keller!

  13. Robert Barrett

    I too keep getting the old version when I go to my RPGnow account and try to d/l the update.

  14. I think I might have figured out the problem. Try again now!

  15. Robert Barrett

    It worked this time. Awesome sauce!

  16. Craig - Possessor of the Blue Knight

    Yahoo! Thanks Jeremy! And good luck in all your future gaming designs. You have a solid fan here.

  17. Same here. Fan for life. CF will always have a special spot in my gamer heart.

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