Blue Knight Edition Available

Chronica Feudalis Blue Knight EditionThe Blue Knight edition of Chronica Feudalis is now available! The PDF versions of the game have been updated with the new edition files at RPGNow and DriveThruRPG as well as Indie Press Revolution. If you have already own the PDF of Chronica Feudalis, just go to the site where you purchased it, log-in, view you past purchases, and re-download the PDF. If you don’t own Chronica Feudalis, what are you waiting for? Buy the PDF today!

New in the Blue Knight edition:

  • Simplified defense rolls to make conflicts run smoother and quicker
  • A streamlined skill list
  • Enhanced conditions that improve the effectiveness of maneuvers
  • More robust purse rules

Print copies of the Blue Knight edition will be available at the Indie Press Revolution booth (#2339) at Gen Con 2010. Look for them at the IPR website and your favorite local retailers soon after. Just look for the blue knight on the cover.

  1. Where is it? The sites still feature the Red version:(

  2. It’s there. I haven’t updated the thumbnails on either site yet. Actually, I think I’m going to add the Blue Knight edition as a new product after Gen Con (it has a new ISBN number and everything) but the old version PDF files have all been replaced so that everyone who already owns it can download it for free.

  3. I’d really love to get this bundle soon, but IPR has the print version as out of print!

  4. Hi Mike, I’m in the process of changing printers so it’s going to be a little bit before it’s available at IPR. In the meantime you can order the Blue Knight edition directly from CreateSpace. Just email me with your order number afterward and I’ll email you a download link for a free copy of the PDF.

  5. Hello Jeremy,
    is your offer (ie the free pdf) still valid ?
    I just ordered the book.

  6. It sure is. That’s a policy of Cellar Games, not just a one-time offer. Email me (jeremy at cellar-games dot com) with your order number and I’ll get you a copy of the PDF.

  7. Got the Blue Knight edition from and am suitably impressed! Scratches a lot of the same itches as Fate for me while simplifying it considerably, but still with the crunch situated where I like it. Also it’s nice to play with the polyhedra again. :)

    One note, and I’ve shared this already with the folks there, on your online distributors most that have the Blue Knight edition still show the “Red Knight” cover image and no note of a new edition. If it’s in your power to update those listings, I think it’d be a good idea. I figured I’d take a chance and your customer-service record would stand up if I got the old on by mistake, but others less obsessive about googling about the game before purchase might give it a pass from the uncertainty.

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