Technoir Cover Art

On Friday, I received the cover art for Technoir from the amazing Malcolm McClinton. Feast your eyes on this:

I end up finding myself just staring at this for long periods of time, imagining being in that world. Which is exactly what I wanted the cover to do. I hope it has a similar effect on others.

I’ve done a logo redesign that fits this in with this artwork better which you’ll see soon. I’m also working on the tag lines and back cover stuff. The cover might be my favorite part of the publishing process (if you consider that a separate element from designing, playing, and writing).

  1. Wow! Beautiful!

  2. Wrap around I’m assuming? Hot. Even if I wasn’t aware of Technoir and I saw this in the store, it would pull me in.

    Jeremy, are you planning to do Technoir at about Chronica Feudalis’ size, or larger?

  3. Yep, wrap-around. It will be 5.5″x8.5″ just like Chronica.

  4. For those of us who aren’t familiar with Chronica Feudalis. Is that the size of Savage Worlds and the Essentials line of D&D? I think that’s trade-paper back. Right? >_<


  5. First, feel free to get familiar with Chronica Feudalis! I think you would enjoy it a lot.

    It’s smaller than Savage Worlds. It’s the size of a letter sheet of paper folded in half (but thicker of course).

  6. I’m sure I would love CF. I’ve browsed the downloadable offerings on the site, and it looks interesting. One question: Can I cast magic missile at the darkness? What can I say, I love being the spellslinger/psi-op/Jedi/etc. :p

  7. By default it’s strictly historical. But Nathan Frund’s Platonic Solid blog has some excellent hacks to add fantasy elements.

  8. Nathan Russell

    This is perfect. Love it. It is exactly the sort of thing to show the players before beginning. Now, when can I get it as a wallpaper, with the Technoir logo? :smile:

  9. SSSweeeet
    This thing rocks! I would buy the book solely on the coolness factor of the cover (even if I didn’t own and respect CF already)

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