Technoir Public Beta Released

I need your help! Technoir needs to be play tested by people who aren’t me. To make this process easy, I’m just posting the current draft of the rules publicly on the website for anyone to download—anyone to try.

If you can help out with this process, all you need to do is: play one or more sessions with your group, take notes of what was fun and what wasn’t, and email me with your feedback. My email is jeremy at cellar-games dot com.

There are some specific questions in the document you can fill out if you like.

When you email me, be sure to include the names of everyone in your group in the form they would like to be credited in the book. Because you’ll all get playtesting credit (which doesn’t transfer as college credit, sorry, I checked).

But to sweeten the deal, you will get a free PDF copy of the game when it is published. I will email this to the member of the group who emailed me and give you permission to share the file with the rest of your group members.

Anyway, here is the link:

Technoir Beta – 417KB

You can find this document as well as the protagonist sheet, the Player’s Guide and the Twin Cities Transmission at Keep checking back because I’ll be updating these files every so often based on the feedback you give me. Thank you so much for your help. I couldn’t make a game I was proud of without it.

  1. Things seem to be going good so far! Can’t wait to see what’s up next!


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