Transmission: Los Angeles

We have a new Transmission for up for download at This one centers on the glitzy capital of Immatrix entertainment and gang violence that is Los Angeles.

Transmission: Los Angeles – 463KB

As much as I’d love to tell you it was inspired by L.A. Noire, I wrote this transmission a couple of months ago before I had heard about the video game. And I haven’t had a chance to play it yet—haven’t had the time to sit infront of my Playstation for that long. When do you guys all find the time?

I’ve had to make some changes to the Transmission’s earlier version to update it to the current format. Now it is available for your enjoyment. I will tell you that it does contain nods to Bladerunner, Chinatown, and Strange Days. So, download it and use it to start a new Technoir adventure or roll it in to an existing campaign.

  1. Whatever may be said about the system, ideas of this transmission are really cool.

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