Apocalypse World AP3

I’m happy to report that our third session of Apocalypse World is the best one yet. At least in terms of rules cohesion and smooth flow of play. I am internalizing the MC moves much better at this point—to the point that I can usually identify what move I make when I make it, but I don’t have to look at the MC trifold to prompt it. As such, snowballing went much better this session as well.

Here’s what went down:

Gabe/Gabby saved Ulla’s life. You were worried, I know. To do this, ze got some help from Robinson and Ulla’s brother Brace. And Heron had to track down Putrid (who she still had Hold over from giving him a hand job last session) to get some supplies from him. We made a custom move for the roll. Gabe/Gabby had to roll+stock. On a hit ze could save Ulla, save, the baby, and/or make Brace think ze did everything ze could. On a 10+, all three. On a 7-9, pick two. At the end Gabe/Gabby—even though ze spent 3 stock and had an extra +1 from Robinson’s advice, rolled an 11 on the dice alone.

In the meantime, Gremlin found Mill (who had shot Ulla), put a shotgun to the back of her head, and made her drop the rifle and surrender. He put Ulla in the hold and Twice put a couple of his guys—Grome and Millions—to guard it. A couple of hours later there was a gunshot and they carried Mill’s body out. Grome said it was suicide.

Hooch, one of the bikers, came back to the compound, walking his bike home. Gremlin and Heron had lost him when he accompanied them on their excursion last session.

Heron brought the tattooed freak they had “interrogated” and killed to Robinson to see if he could find out anything about him. So Robinson fucked the dead body. Robinson, a savvyhead, has learned about people by fucking them before, so he thought it might work. I didn’t allow the special move[1], but Robinson took the opportunity to pick his new character move at that time, so it was like it was a result of the necrophilia. Then Dogs Head walked in and Robinson fucked him too. In this case, the special move kicked in and Robinson learned the bikers were staging a coup on the compound. But they were waiting for the other bikers to get better first.

Gabe/Gabby found out from Ulla who the father is. Or fathers? Turns out Ulla had a threeway with Putrid and Twice[2]. Robinson got a glimpse of this scene when he opened his brain to the psychic maelstrom.[3]

About a week after this, Gremlin woke up in the middle of the night to see someone being carried off in the middle of the compound by one of the tattooed freaks. The freak jumped over the wall with the guy. Gremlin chased after as the freak loaded the kidnap victim into the back of a van. They took off, but Gremlin ran them off the road. But Suzi went out of control and went in the ditch too. When Gremlin came conscious again, he found the van still there, but its occupants had fled.

Gremlin led a raiding party to try rescue the people the tattooed freaks had kidnapped. The party included the other PCs and a bunch of the bikers. But they were met out on the road by a bunch of punked-out trucks. A huge car/bike melee ensued.

Heron was able to distract many of the enemy by undressing while standing up through Suzi’s sunroof. Gabe/Gabby was driving hir ambulance (now on wheels again) and Robinson was with hir operating the grenade launcher. But the ambulance got flipped by a grappling hook off the back of one of the trucks. A couple of the freaks pried their way into the ambulance—now sitting on its side—to get at its occupants, but Robinson threw a grenade at them and killed them in the explosion. But in the tight quarters of the ambulance, he and Gabe/Gabby got pretty messed up from it as well. Robinson was able to get stabilized at the scene, but Gremlin had to drive Gabe/Gabby back to the compound where Brace had to keep hir from dying.

So I’m really excited to see what happens next session. The compound is eating itself from within and things are coming to a head with the freaks. Probably going to need to write up a new Front to keep things interesting.

But the thing that really excites me about next session is the menu that Gabe/Gabby’s player has come up with for next week’s dinner. Not only is it apocalypse themed but it has several tie-ins directly to our campaign. That’s the kind of player buy-in you just gotta love. So psyched.

  1. [1] not exactly two people “having sex” when one of them is a corpse
  2. [2] have I mentioned they are brothers?
  3. [3] Have you caught on that Robinson likes to do that a lot?
  1. Guns_n_Droids

    Oh.. Seems it’s too much even for me.. Apocalyptic, man. Anyway, go on, I suppose I’ll catch on

  2. Things got a little intense, sure. But I’m really grateful that this group trusts each other and doesn’t judge each other. We made some plot turns that we think make the story more interesting, but having a light sense of humor about it seems to help keep things smooth.

  3. I’m also looking forward to next week, and not just for the delicious Dinnerocalypse (the impending Deliciocalypse?). Now that we’ve stolen a freak convoy, I’m hoping we can get a peek inside their bunker. There’s no plan like a stupid, ballsy plan.

    I continue to struggle with the mechanic, but I’m a prima donna like that. I just want the rules to get out of my way. Having said that, I really like partial success approach of “Roll 7-9, pick any two of three.” It’s similar to the “No, but” or “Yes, and” kinds of things you get in more improv-y games.

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