Technoir Kickstarter

There is a lot of great forward momentum for Technoir right now. I’m in the process of an intense revision of the text before I hand it off to the editor—who I am happy to let you know is Will Hindmarch. New Transmissions are in the works by people who are not me! I had the pleasure of playtesting a new one last night that I’m super excited about. More details on that soon. I’ve also been brainstorming with my conspirators to nail down the look of Technoir when it is published—we’re talking art, graphical elements, and layout—and I can’t wait to see it realized. Finally, everyone who is playtesting so far is doing amazing work. I’m still looking for feedback, so if you get a chance to play the beta—all the files are available at—please email me with your comments and you and your group will get a free PDF copy of the game and credit in the book.

To help fund this process going forward, I’m launching a Kickstarter for Technoir. This gives us a chance to gauge your interest in the game, generate some excitement, and, yeah, generate some cash too. I want to make Technoir an amazing product to hold in your hands. I want a full-color book with a crisp layout, informative illustrations, and evocative images. And I want it to be reasonably priced. The Kickstarter can make that happen.

So will you be a part of the team to make Technoir succeed? Please take a look at the video, check out the rewards, and, if you can, please become a backer.

More importantly, I need your help to spread the word. There’s a lot of gamers like you out there who would love this game, but they haven’t heard about it yet. I want to get this in front of their eyes. If you have time in your day, please post, tweet, and update with a link to the Kickstarter. If you have a gaming blog or podcast, I’m happy to do interviews. You can always contact me at jeremy at cellar-games dot com.

Thank you so much. As much as creating Technoir is a labor of love and a personal project, my name would look pretty stupid sitting by itself on the credits page. From artists, editors, playtesters, backers, hackers, to those authoring new Transmissions, this game gets better with everyone who comes on board. I could make this game without your help, but it would suck hard. Thank you for making the game not suck. If it rocks, you’re a part of that.

  1. Congrats and good luck!

  2. Less than a day, and you’ve already met your goal. I guess that means that we’re going forward!

    Rock on!


  3. I really like your approach here. It is a great mix of a background description and adventure generator, Why has no one done anything like this before? It is simple but brilliant.

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