Technoir Beta Rev 2

I just uploaded a new beta document to It’s still the same game, mostly, but with a lot of work to clarify it and communicate it better. Thank you to everyone who has been submitting playtest reports. They are helping me tremendously to see what’s working and focus what can be made better.

Technoir Beta – 533KB

The main bulk of changes are in the last two chapters, Contention and Restoration. Both now have running examples that continue the story of our sample characters Mouse, Roman, and Sortia. There’s lots of new sections in both chapters to nail down some points I had missed in the previous versions. And I went through and reworded a lot of rules that were already there in order to express them more effectively.

If you found an issue or point of confusion with an earlier draft, please give this a fresh read and see if I’ve addressed it. If it’s still vague or if I’m still missing some point, I would love to hear about it.

Here’s an outline of the changes. Mind you I’ve been working on this revision over the last couple of weeks, so I’m sure I’ll forget stuff.


• The three exposition paragraphs are completely rewritten.


• I worked on player buy-in and GM responsibilities section a lot. Trying to manage expectations well with this.


• There are actual names to pick from in the Generation chapter.

• I actually say that you start with three Push dice in the last step of Generation.

• I removed the flincy adjective. I have no idea what flincy means or how that got there in the first place.

• You can now declare the benefit of being high from the deal favor after you roll.

• I got rid of Interface duds. Instead I just added its gesture input tag to the specks. Specks are now a one-stop shop for using the Interface.


• I clarified some stuff about recharging Push at the beginning of an action. I clarified that the Push dice you spend to increase adjective severity are any Push dice in the roll that weren’t eliminated by Hurt. It’s okay if they were part of your result.

• I added a “set-up” move that lest you inflict positive adjectives on the environment you can use later.

• I talk about putting contentions on hold.

• I added a section on the outcomes of contentions and how the consequences should be determined by the adjectives you inflict and not by pre-determined stakes.

• I clarified some in the Push Dice Economy section. This is a pretty important section to read.

• I added running examples for the Contention chapter.


• I added an option for individuals to reset their push dice buy playing out a scene that exemplifies one of their relationship adjectives.

• I wrote an overview of all the advancement options as they otherwise get burried inside of other subsystems.

• I added extended the running example through the Restoration chapter.

A couple of points unrelated to the document itself:

• You have helped me to raise $8,238 in the Kickstarter campaign for Technoir. And there are still 24 days to go. Thank you so much.

• If you haven’t yet, check out Judd’s NE Sprawl transmission-in-progress at his blog, The Githyanki Diaspora. It’s rad. It’s so cool to hear about people working on their own transmissions. Can’t wait to see them and, hopefully, play them!

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