Talking Technoir

I don’t have time for much of a blog post today, but it did want to point out a few places where Technoir is being discussed elsewhere on the internet. I might have mentioned a couple of these on twitter, but haven’t done so yet on the blog.

First off, Michael Wolf interviewed me last week on the Stargazer’s World blog. We talked about how I got into game design and some of the unique components of Technoir.

Second, the crew from Actual People, Actual Play discussed their playtest of Technoir on their latest episode of their podcast. This was a great source of feedback for me. I hope you enjoy it as well.

Finally, some playtesters have been providing their feedback publicly in a couple of threads at Story Games: [Technoir] A couple issues and [Technoir] 2nd session playtest. The resulting discussion has been amazing for me to reveal some issues in how the game is being communicated and help crystalize for me what I need to make explicit in my next revision of the rules. If you want to see into the guts of how the game is responding to playtest feedback, it’s all happening in that thread.

As always, if you’re talking about Technoir (or Chronica Feudalis for that matter) on your blog, podcast, or a forum somewhere, I’d be happy to hear about, weigh-in if it’s appropriate, and/or link to it from here.

  1. Woohoo! More Technoir threads to read! It seems like I might be starting to like this game or something :p

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