Technoir Art Preview

Here a couple pieces of art I’ve been working on for Technoir that are almost complete. These are two of the full page pieces that will introduces the chapters. Enjoy.

  1. :shock:

    That’s awesome. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  2. Pretty, also feels very right.

    I admire the artist.

  3. Beautiful and evocative. I like setting and mood art because I can drop my character in there without being forced to fit an artists vision of what my character needs to look like to ‘fit.’ Not every game can do that. Not every piece of art should do that. Point being, I love it.

  4. The art previewed here is perfect for the game.

  5. Very nice. I just actually discovered the game thanks to Actual People Actual Play podcast, and hit your kickstarter page(and was sad it was over). This looks great. The opening vignette you made for the kickstarter plus this is nicely evocative of the world. So then, this is a two color print job? :D

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