Technoir PDF now available

First things first. The print edition of the game won’t be ready in time for Gen Con Indy as I had been hoping for. Here’s what happened: over the course of the beta testing and the Kickstarter, the page count for the book grew by about 60 pages. This meant a higher per unit cost to have the book printed in color through a Print on Demand printer. That would have led to a higher cover price (for everyone buying the book post-Kickstarter). Plus, I would have had to rush to finish the book and rush through the proofing process—this could have led to several errors and a substandard book.

Thankfully, due the funds raised through the Kickstarter campaign and the sheer numbers of supporters who purchased the print edition of Technoir, I can have the book printed by an offset printer. This means keeping the unit price low enough to stick to the $25 cover price. And while it means it’s going to take longer to print than I originally expected (we’re looking at September now at the earliest), it also means I can take the time to make sure that every error I find (with the help of some amazing proofreaders) is corrected and the full-color art appears exactly as it should on the page.

While it’s unfortunate that I won’t have it in print with me at the convention, this is ultimately great for the game. Thank you for your patience.

Good news time. The PDF version is now ready to be downloaded for the Kickstarter backers and playtesters. If that’s you, check your inboxes for links to that today. You will also receive an updated PDF when the book is sent to press if there’s any issues found during the proofing process. The PDF will go on sale at DriverThruRPG soon.

And be sure to check out the newly redesigned It has an updated protagonists sheet, the player’s guide, and the Twin Cities Transmission to support your next session of Technoir.

  1. Excuse me, don’t know where to post, or if someone else noticed that.
    Page 16, before the table: should’t they be 12 boxes, instead of 18?

  2. No, sorry.

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