Technoir Preorder

The print version of Technoir is nearly available, and you can preorder your copy today. The print version ships October 28th and you’ll get to download the PDF immediately.

If you’ve already bought a PDF copy of the game, and you’d be interested in upgrading to the print version, be sure to email me at jeremy [at] cellar-games [dot] com with a proof of purchase (your PDF order number or the email address you used to contribute to the Kickstarter campaign), and I’ll hook you up with a $5 discount.

The book looks pretty sweet if I do say so myself.

  1. Hi Jeremy, have you seen the cyberpunk web series Aidan 5?
    It’s definitely technoir

  2. Just checked in today and lo and behold Technoir print is available. Ordered.

  3. Hello Jeremy,

    First thanks for putting Technoir together ! I was very impressed by some of its elements (there are also some I don’t care but anyways)…
    Anyways, I have hard time locating the community around Technoir… Could you point me to the forum, blog, or whatever where people discuss and develop stuff around Technoir ?

  4. Check out Google+ and Since this is an indie game without an in store pressence it can be hard to find players or a community. Its pretty DIYS in true punk fashion

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