Recke 20

An image of the Recke 20 rig for Mechnoir

This is the Recke for Mechnoir. I had a lot of fun drawing this one. I wasn’t originally planning on illustrating the rigs when I first devised the idea for the Mechnoir player’s guide. It’s one of the reasons this is taking so long. It takes me about 8 hours to draw each rig. And I have to fit that time in amongst my other projects (like doing layout for the¬†Marvel Heroic Roleplaying¬†books and making videos for Evil Hat). But I feel like the booklet would be lacking if not for some pictures of the rigs you’re going to be stomping around in, right?

The other thing that I realized when I started on the Mechnoir player’s guide is that a player’s guide alone wasn’t going to cut it. It’d be weird to just add mechs to the existing Transmissions like Hong Kong or Los Angeles. Mechnoir needed its own transmissions built up around the idea. So, the Mechnoir player’s guide will be bundled with three mech-specific Transmissions that detail three different cultures that have begun to colonize Mars. These have been written my the handsome and talented Mark DiPasquale (who wrote the Singapore and Hong Kong Transmissions) and will go into layout very soon.

  1. I like the direction that this part of the ongoing Technoir project is taking. Mechnoir is starting to sound like a very robust aspect of the game.

  2. Hi,

    This rig comes with the tag shields but I cannot find any listing of that tag in the players guide or anywhere else. Are these radiation shields or some sort of force shield?

    Players want to know.



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