Buy Technoir in print and get Mechnoir

Starting now, if you purchase Technoir¬†in print, not only do you get a free pdf version of Technoir, but now you’ll get the Mechnoir Player’s Guide and the three Mechnoir Transmissions included as well.

Buy it today!

I’ve also updated the file on Bits and Mortar, so if you purchase Technoir from a participating retailer, you get the same deal.

ALSO: If you’ve already purchased the Mechnoir bundle (or the Technoir pdf for that matter) and you’re looking to get a copy of Technoir in print, email me at jeremy //at// cellar-games //dot// com and I’ll hook you up with a $5 discount on the print copy.

  1. So, what if I previously bought the print copy of Technoir?

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