My Mythender

I have had the privilege of playing Mythender twice. Once at my friend Josh‘s epic birthday party known as JoshCon. And once at GenCon. They were both crazy legendary experiences. The problem is that the game is all sitting inside Ryan Macklin‘s head. If I want to learn more, there’s no book to open up…one has to open Ryan himself. And there’s only so many times he’ll let you do that before he returns to his little cabin on The Internet.

Until now.

Last week, Ryan posted the character creation rules for Mythender. You can download them and at least take this portion of the game for a spin. Oh, and you can give Ryan your feedback. So let’s do just that. Read more »

Transmission: Los Angeles

We have a new Transmission for up for download at This one centers on the glitzy capital of Immatrix entertainment and gang violence that is Los Angeles.

Transmission: Los Angeles – 463KB

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I’m Listening

Beta playtesting phase means I’m getting feedback on my game. While it’s a really cool process, I have this tendency to respond to the critical feedback. To defend my vision of the game. So I have to remind myself every now and then that I asked for this. Remind myself to just shut up and listen.

Awkward segue into the greater hobby community. There have been some really awesome discussions going on about feminism, inclusiveness, and safety both in regards to the gaming table and published materials. The Walking Eye podcast recently ran a roundtable on the topic. Nora Last’s blog and Filamena Hill’s tumblr are amazing, well-written resources. And Lyndsay (of Gamer Chow Dice Bags) recently posted an article that’s been getting the latest bout of attention on the subject.
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Apocalypse World AP2

Last night, the second session of our Apocalypse World campaign. Things got incrementally more interesting—which is, I think, what I was going for. I came to the session armed with two fronts, each with plenty of threats. Maybe not enough custom moves, but I wasn’t really sure how the player characters were going to interact with them yet. I’ll probably be tweaking the custom moves I have and writing new ones as I get more comfortable with that process.
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Beta Rev

So we’re one week into the beta phase of Technoir and already I’m getting some great feedback. You can see some of it on Eldritch Fire Press and the Saint Louis Sprawl blogs. There’s also been a great buzz on twitter of people reading the beta and planning play sessions.

There’s also a review up already on Roleplaying News Russian. As the name implies, it’s a Russian-language blog. If you scroll down to the bottom of the post, you’ll see that the authors were gracious enough to provide an English translation of the review. The review is largely critical, but that’s exactly what I’m looking for right now: constructive criticism I can use to make Technoir better.
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Apocalypse World AP

A little late to the party, I know. But I just finally ran Apocalypse World for the first time. It’s an amazing game. I recommend it.

I realized last night that this is the first game I GM’d that wasn’t my own in way too long of time. I’ve brought games like Fiasco, A Penny for My Thoughts, and How We Came to Live Here to tables, and been the guy who taught the rules, but none of them require a GM really. And of course I’ve been running play tests of Technoir and Noblesse Oblige, but it really felt like I was working muscles I hadn’t for a while. 

I printed out all the standard trifold playbooks and had them sitting on the table for players to look through. They chose a savvyhead, a skinner, an angel, and a driver. We’re talking three veteran players and one new player, so you know. All of us new to AW.
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Technoir Public Beta Released

I need your help! Technoir needs to be play tested by people who aren’t me. To make this process easy, I’m just posting the current draft of the rules publicly on the website for anyone to download—anyone to try.

If you can help out with this process, all you need to do is: play one or more sessions with your group, take notes of what was fun and what wasn’t, and email me with your feedback. Read more »

Technoir Cover Art

On Friday, I received the cover art for Technoir from the amazing Malcolm McClinton. Feast your eyes on this:

I end up finding myself just staring at this for long periods of time, imagining being in that world. Which is exactly what I wanted the cover to do. I hope it has a similar effect on others.

I’ve done a logo redesign that fits this in with this artwork better which you’ll see soon. I’m also working on the tag lines and back cover stuff. The cover might be my favorite part of the publishing process (if you consider that a separate element from designing, playing, and writing).


It’s actually been nice out the last couple days. There was snow falling as recently as Sunday and now there’s sunshine and I can walk around the lake in a t-shirt. And so I am reminded that summer convention season approaches.

It looks like I’ll be at both Origins and Gen Con this year.
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Audience participation time! I could use your help. While I’m hard at work finishing the first draft of Technoir, I’m wondering how well the overview in the Player’s Guide works for making protagonists. You’ll also need the Twin Cities Metroplex Transmission which has some Connections you’ll need to complete this process. So I’m hoping you can download both documents, make a protag or two, and give me some feedback on the following:

  • Is everything covered by the Player’s Guide? Does it feel like an essential step is missing?
  • Is everything explained clearly? Do certain parts of the process need to be elaborated on?
  • Can you make the protag you want to make? Is something preventing you from creating a character concept that should exist in a cyberpunk setting

Please post your protagonists stats and your feedback in the comments here. And let me know anything else interesting that comes up in the process.