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The Mechnoir Player’s Guide is finally complete. About time, I know. Thank you everyone for your patience.

The Player’s Guide includes nine new shiny training programs, six big stompy mechs (or ‘rigs’), and the two transports that bring them to the battleground. There’s special rules for destroying the tags on your enemies’ rigs and transports and a section for how to deal with scale when hardboiled criminals go up against hard-cased machines.

Bundled with the player’s guide are three new Transmissions that outline the major colonial factions on Mars: The Chosen, the Shiat al-Raj’a, and the Martian Autonomist Union.

MechnoirYou should have already received notification to download this if you backed Technoir at any level on Kickstarter. If you weren’t able to get in on that, Mechnoir is now up for sale at DriveThruRPG!

Also, the Mechnoir Player’s Guide and Transmissions (just like those for core Technoir) are all Creative Commons. Not only does this mean you can make non-commercial* derivative hacks (as long as you give proper credit), but you can share these files with your friends. So you can always get a free copy from a Kickstarter backer or someone who already purchased it.

Of course, if you do purchase your copy from DriveThru, that helps to support me and help keep me in the business of making products like this.

However you get it, I hope you enjoy Mechnoir. Now it’s time for me to get working on Hexnoir.

Recke 20

An image of the Recke 20 rig for Mechnoir

This is the Recke for Mechnoir. I had a lot of fun drawing this one. I wasn’t originally planning on illustrating the rigs when I first devised the idea for the Mechnoir player’s guide. It’s one of the reasons this is taking so long. It takes me about 8 hours to draw each rig. And I have to fit that time in amongst my other projects (like doing layout for the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying books and making videos for Evil Hat). But I feel like the booklet would be lacking if not for some pictures of the rigs you’re going to be stomping around in, right?

The other thing that I realized when I started on the Mechnoir player’s guide is that a player’s guide alone wasn’t going to cut it. It’d be weird to just add mechs to the existing Transmissions like Hong Kong or Los Angeles. Mechnoir needed its own transmissions built up around the idea. So, the Mechnoir player’s guide will be bundled with three mech-specific Transmissions that detail three different cultures that have begun to colonize Mars. These have been written my the handsome and talented Mark DiPasquale (who wrote the Singapore and Hong Kong Transmissions) and will go into layout very soon.

Warsaw D9

The Warsaw is a heavier rig than the last two you saw. One of the the things that distinguishes heavier rigs (besides a heavy tag) is that they can have more than one armor tag.

These armor tags are important in Mechnoir, because they allow you to avoid unwanted damage. When someone inflicts a sticky or locked negative adjective on your rig that describes physical damage, you can burn an armor tag instead of taking the adjective. Since heavier rigs have more armor tags, they can take more of a beating. The largest rigs have three armor tags. Taking one of these down can be like a boss fight in a video game. Pretty epic.

Coyote 5F

So, this is the Coyote 5F:

An image of the Coyote 5F rig for Mechnoir

The chicken-legged robot in the last post is called a Dancer 38. These “rigs” were designed as construction vehicles for taming the harsh landscape of Mars. Hence the yellow and black color scheme. The Dancer is designed for surveying terrain while the Coyote’s articulate arms allow it to build, maintain, and repair large pieces of machinery. They are two of the eight vehicles found in Mechnoir, the upcoming alternate player’s guide for Technoir.

Mechnoir is now in its final playtesting stages and, when it is ready, will be made available free-of-charge to everyone who backed Technoir‘s Kickstarter campaign. Plus, it’s going to be bundled with three Transmissions giving you plenty of content for giant stompy robot action on the surface of Mars. The bundle will also be made available for sale on DriveThruRPG.

Stay tuned as we reveal more about the world of Mechnoir and show off the Warsaw D9 next week.

Phased Character Creation

One of my favorite features of Chronica Feudalis is how quick and painless the character creation is. If you come to the process with a character concept in mind, the whole thing can take only a few minutes.

But in reading over Diaspora over the last couple of weeks, I find myself reminiscing over one of the key concepts of FATE that didn’t carry over into Chronica’s design: phased character creation. For those of you who are not familiar with this process, introduced in Spirit of the Century*, each player writes a paragraph of background material for each of several periods (phases) in their character’s life. These paragraphs then serve as inspiration for the character’s aspects.

So, I’d like to present an alternative protagonist creation method for use with Chronica Feudalis. This method utilizes three phases. In each phase you will write a paragraph about your character’s background, pick one mentor (and apply those benefits), and write one aspect (and, optionally, one background).

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