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Chronica Feudalis wins an ENnie!

ENnie AwardOn Friday, August 6th, Chronica Feudalis received a Judge’s Spotlight Award at the 2010 ENnie Awards ceremony. This is, as I understand, a new award where the five judges individually select games they believe are worthy of special recognition but were not nominated in the traditional process. Among 235 entries, Megan Robertson picked Chronica Feudalis.

Here is what she had to say:

“I’ve chosen Chronica Feudalis not just because it is a delightful conceit — a group of mediaeval monks playing a game of imagination in the monastery cellars — but because that conceit is sustained beautifully throughout the text. From the foreword to the end, here is a ‘translation’ of the original document written by one of the monks, laying out the concepts and the rules for their imaginings, even the illustrations (or should that be illuminations?) and cover serve to maintain the illusion. I can just imagine finding this tucked behind a cupboard somewhere in a monastic library, misplaced once the monks who wrote it had no more time for such things — for surely such imaginative young men rose rapidly through the ranks of Holy Mother Church — not to be seen again until today.”

Suffice it to say, this is a great honor. I was there to accept the award at the ceremony and it was a little overwhelming. The other four Spotlight Award winners were: Trailblazer, Fiasco, Ancient Odysseys: Treasure Awaits, and Mindjammer. A fine selection of games to be included among.

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this happen. To my editor, Trent Urness, and to my artist, Miguel Santos. To my play-testers, my proof-readers, and everyone who gave me advice on layout, presentation, and marketing. And I want to thank all of the individuals out there who, like Megan, have recognized something in my little game that encouraged them to buy it, read it, and play it. You have made my endeavor of game-design, writing, and publishing so worth it.


Blue Knight Edition Available

Chronica Feudalis Blue Knight EditionThe Blue Knight edition of Chronica Feudalis is now available! The PDF versions of the game have been updated with the new edition files at RPGNow and DriveThruRPG as well as Indie Press Revolution. If you have already own the PDF of Chronica Feudalis, just go to the site where you purchased it, log-in, view you past purchases, and re-download the PDF. If you don’t own Chronica Feudalis, what are you waiting for? Buy the PDF today!

New in the Blue Knight edition:

  • Simplified defense rolls to make conflicts run smoother and quicker
  • A streamlined skill list
  • Enhanced conditions that improve the effectiveness of maneuvers
  • More robust purse rules

Print copies of the Blue Knight edition will be available at the Indie Press Revolution booth (#2339) at Gen Con 2010. Look for them at the IPR website and your favorite local retailers soon after. Just look for the blue knight on the cover.

Chronica Feudalis Blue Knight Edition

Announcing the Blue Knight edition of the medieval RPG, Chronica Feudalis. This new version incorporates all the changes from the revision document (found in the downloads section) into the complete text of the game. These updates to the rules, made over the past year since the game’s original publication, make this game of imagined adventure more streamlined and accessible at your game table.

Every effort has been made to maintain the pagination and layout of the original book. This means that, except for where rules have specifically changed, any rule you look up will be found on the same page as in the original edition. There’s nothing preventing you from playing with both versions at your game table.

Print copies of the Blue Knight edition will be available, barring any significant printer issues, at GenCon 2010. PDF sources will be updated with the new version soon. So if you already own the PDF of Chronica Feudalis, you will be able to update to the Blue Knight edition for free!

Just look for the blue knight on the cover.

Gamers Helping Haiti: A Follow-Up

Last night, the RPGNow and DriveThruRPG websites finally concluded the Gamers Helping Haiti deal in which thousands of gamers contributed $20 each to Doctors Without Borders and received a bundle of over $1000 worth of RPG related PDFs in return. I’ve been tremendously proud to have included Chronica Feudalis among the excellent material included in this bundle. I like to think that I played a small part in bringing some relief and support to the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

Here’s the deal, from my interpretation of the reports I get from RPGNow, there were something like 7400 purchases of the bundle. That is the kind of penetration into the gamer community that few independently published RPGs ever see. Over 7400 people now own Chronica Feudalis who didn’t before. Over 7400 people own 3:16 and Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. Thousands of new owners of Full Light, Full Steam and Beast Hunters.

You probably personally know several other people in your local gaming community who donated their $20 and picked up this bundle. This has been touted on every major gaming forum and a myriad of blogs, podcasts, Twitter tweets, and Facebook posts. Gamers came together in large numbers and in agreement for a cause like I have never seen before. It has been tremendously inspiring. The effort raised over $180,000. That’s significant.

Just because the bundle deal is over and the iPad was announced and Amazon and Macmillan got in a little tiff, doesn’t mean the problems of Haiti have gone away. So, when I say this, don’t take it like I’m saying the crisis is over. It’s not. We still have lots of work to do.

But here’s my point: take a little time to play. You and 7400 of your closest friends have new game material. There has never been a better time to find players to play these games. Take advantage of that. Games are meant to be played. They long to be played. They desperately want to be played. Call up your friends and say, “Did you download Diana: Warrior Princess? I did and it’s awesome. How about we get together this weekend and roll some dice.” Don’t just get your $20 out of these games, get the full $1000+ bundle value out of them. Crack them open, take them out, use them, abuse them. After all, they’re PDFs. They can take a beating.

The Chronica Feudalis Revision Document

Since publishing Chronica Feudalis, I have found a few, slight wrinkles in the game-play. I have discovered these both from the demos and regular campaign I have run as well as from feedback from the fans out there. So I have started compiling a document of revisions to the rules system. I have posted this revision document in the downloads section of the Chronica Feudalis website as well as a character sheet and mentor list that are compatible with the revisions. If you are currently running or about to start a Chronica Feudalis game, I would highly suggest looking over this document, as many of the revisions serve to simplify and smooth-out game-play and other revisions help to better define some of the more vague rules. Feel free to pick and choose the revisions you wish to play with, but please be aware that a few of the revisions are dependent on other revisions.

Here is what the revisions do:

  • Combines the reaction and passive defense into one defense roll
  • Streamlines the skill list down to 20 skills (5 in each category)
  • Revises mentors in regards to the new skill list
  • Enhances the effectiveness of conditions, therefor making maneuvers more advantageous
  • Removes the Vigor Rush rule
  • Clarifies disarming an opponent through the use of a maneuver
  • Better defines the rules for buying and selling using one’s purse
  • Includes a conversion guide for updating existing characters to the revised rules

Be sure to check back often as further revisions may be added to this document.

New Chronica Feudalis Review Up On Reviews from R’lyeh

Pookie has this to say about Chronica Feudalis:

The rules are light and easy, as is character generation, with a setting that has room enough for both GM and players to make Medieval Europe what they want.

Read the full review here.

Chronica Feudalis reviewed on The Voice of the Revolution

Listen as Brennan Taylor and Ryan Macklin discuss Chronica Feudalis on the latest episode of The Voice of the Revolution. Be sure to stick around til the end when Brennan talks about kicking off his Anglo-Saxon era Chronica campaign. Good stuff.

Listen here.

Phased Character Creation

One of my favorite features of Chronica Feudalis is how quick and painless the character creation is. If you come to the process with a character concept in mind, the whole thing can take only a few minutes.

But in reading over Diaspora over the last couple of weeks, I find myself reminiscing over one of the key concepts of FATE that didn’t carry over into Chronica’s design: phased character creation. For those of you who are not familiar with this process, introduced in Spirit of the Century*, each player writes a paragraph of background material for each of several periods (phases) in their character’s life. These paragraphs then serve as inspiration for the character’s aspects.

So, I’d like to present an alternative protagonist creation method for use with Chronica Feudalis. This method utilizes three phases. In each phase you will write a paragraph about your character’s background, pick one mentor (and apply those benefits), and write one aspect (and, optionally, one background).

Read more »

A Podcast and a Review

Listen to the sound of my voice! You’ll find that the latest episode of Voice of the Revolution features an interview with me, Jeremy Keller. Brennan Taylor quizzed me on the experiences of being a first-time game publisher and the process of creating Chronica Feudalis.

Meanwhile, over at RPGnet, a new Chronica Feudalis review has been put up. This one from the pen of C. W. Richeson. See his take on this medeval RPG of historical adventure.

Chronica Feudalis is, of course, available at IPR and the fine gaming stores that carry indie RPGs.

Chronica Feudalis on All Games Considered

At Gen Con I sat down to tell Carol at All Games Considered all about Chronica Feudalis. The interview is now up as part of episode 113 of the ENnie winning podcast. Listen on as I give an overview of the game and a quick demo of the mechanics and be taken back in time to a historical world of medieval monks, brash knights, and crafty minstrels.