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New Downloads

There are two new pdf files available at the Chronica Feudalis downloads page.

The first is cf_pregens.pdf. It consists of a collection of pre-generated characters. These are the protagonists that I created for the “Warwick Castle” scenario I ran at Gen Con (it’s also featured at the end of the “Explore” chapter in the core rules of the game). These eight characters are proper starting protagonists, each supplied with personalized aspects and their own particular agenda.

Second is cf_reference.pdf, a fan-submitted reference document supplied by BiggerBoat. It does have the side-effect of taking what I describe as a relatively rules-light system and makes it look like a heavy-weight, but this flow chart is actually a very helpful look at how Chronica Feudalis works. It takes a step-by-step look at the system mechanics and conflict systems that you can use as a primer before the first time you play or keep on hand as a reference throughout your adventures. Take a look.

Get Chronica Feudalis at IPR

Once lost in scattered, fragmented documents that hid in dark corners of musty archives, the game of imagined adventure written by the diligent monks of a forgotten priory has crossed the sea of vast centuries to be delivered directly to your doorstep.

That’s right, Chronica Feudalis is now available at Indie Press Revolution.

There you will find the print and pdf copies of the game bundled together for the cover price of the print book. You’re essentially getting the pdf for free!

Visit IPR today and begin your adventure.

Chronica Feudalis now available in print

Visit our CreateSpace store to purchase Chronica Feudalis in print. Now you can bring the game of imagined adventure to your gaming table in this attractive, half-letter, softcover tome.


Already picked up a PDF copy of Chronica Feudalis? Just email me at jeremy [at] cellar-games [dot] com with your order number from RPGNow or DriveThru and I’ll email you a coupon for $5 off the print version through the CreateSpace store.

Hear the Chronica Feudalis demo from Gen Con

Over at Virtual Play, as part of their latest episode, you can hear the Chronica Feudalis demo I ran at the IPR booth at Gen Con Indy 2009. I sat down with Phil Walton and Bill White to run them through the ins and outs of the game. While you’re there, you can hear about some of the other new games found at the IPR Booth, Paul Tevis’ A Penny For My Thoughts, Tony Lower-Basch’s Misery Bubblegum, and Bill White’s own Ganakagok.

Get Chronica Feudalis at Gen Con Indy

Gen Con is almost here, and Chronica Feudalis will be there. You’ll be able to find the game of imagined adventure, in print, at the Indie Press Revolution booth (that’s booth number 2139).

Want to try before you buy? I’ll be running two games of Chronica Feudalis as part of the Indie Games Explosion. The adventure begins on Friday and Saturday starting at 1pm. Follow game codes RPG0902797 and RPG0902798 for more information. There are still slots open, so sign up now or come by with your generic event tickets and grab a seat at the table.

Can’t make it out to Gen Con this summer? Well, make sure to check back over the next few days for news on where you can get your mail-clad mits on Chronica Feudalis in print.

What do you think of Chronica Feudalis?

If you’ve picked up a copy of CF, I’d love to hear what you think of it and I’m sure others would to. Where can you make your opinion known? Well, consider the following…

The RPGnet Index. Here you can rate the game, leave comments, record your sessions, and add it to your collection.

The RPG Geek. Rate the game, become a fan, upload your play-aids, add your links, and post comments and sessions.

RPGNow / DriveThru. If you’ve purchased the pdf from one of these stores, please consider leaving a brief review and a rating for the benefit of other interested customers.

If you want to start a discussion or ask questions about Chronica Feudalis, I’d highly suggest starting a thread at the forums I regularly check up on: RPGnet, The RPG Haven, and Story Games. If you prefer a different forum, or want to talk about it on your blog, email me at jeremy [at] cellar-games [dot] com or leave a comment here with a link and I’d be happy to chime in and answer any questions.

If you play Chronica Feudalis, please write about your experiences on your favorite forum or blog. Nothing makes me more happy than seeing people making use of this little game I wrote and reading about the adventures.

And you can always leave comments on this blog!

Chronica Feudalis PDF Now Available!

Dash over to RPGNow.com where you’ll find the Chronica Feudalis PDF ready to buy. This 128 page electronic copy of the game provides everything you need to play daring knights, crafty courtiers, determined monks, and rebellious peasants in the imagined past of 12th century Europe.

With Chronica Feudalis’ quick and intuitive mechanics, your characters will engage in thrilling combats, parleys, chases, and subterfuge. Your characters will increase in skill with the help of their mentors and the FATE-based aspect mechanics allow you to add flavor and drama to every roll.

Chronica Feudalis will be making its debut in print this August at Gen Con Indy.

Cover Revealed

I am pleased to present the cover for Chronica Feudalis.

The illustration is another gem from Miguel Santos (you can see it in its original format here).

New Character Sheets

Not too long ago at Story Games I discovered this amazingly clever character sheet idea. So I stole it and made these new character sheets for Chronica Feudalis

I think they are perfect for convention games when you don’t know everyone’s name. And having your three, key aspects right on the name sign helps keep them fresh in everyone’s mind for easy tags and compels.

I’ve added this and a few other character sheet options to the downloads page as well.

Artwork Preview

I’ve recently received the first peices of interior art for Chronica Feudalis. They are drawn by the very talented Miguel Santos. These are three of the pieces that will head up each chapter in the published book. Enjoy.