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The Mechnoir Player’s Guide is finally complete. About time, I know. Thank you everyone for your patience.

The Player’s Guide includes nine new shiny training programs, six big stompy mechs (or ‘rigs’), and the two transports that bring them to the battleground. There’s special rules for destroying the tags on your enemies’ rigs and transports and a section for how to deal with scale when hardboiled criminals go up against hard-cased machines.

Bundled with the player’s guide are three new Transmissions that outline the major colonial factions on Mars: The Chosen, the Shiat al-Raj’a, and the Martian Autonomist Union.

MechnoirYou should have already received notification to download this if you backed Technoir at any level on Kickstarter. If you weren’t able to get in on that, Mechnoir is now up for sale at DriveThruRPG!

Also, the Mechnoir Player’s Guide and Transmissions (just like those for core Technoir) are all Creative Commons. Not only does this mean you can make non-commercial* derivative hacks (as long as you give proper credit), but you can share these files with your friends. So you can always get a free copy from a Kickstarter backer or someone who already purchased it.

Of course, if you do purchase your copy from DriveThru, that helps to support me and help keep me in the business of making products like this.

However you get it, I hope you enjoy Mechnoir. Now it’s time for me to get working on Hexnoir.

Hack Points

One of Chronica Feudalis‘s first ever fans, Nathan Frund, emailed me the other day. He had been following my posts about Technoir and was curious about how easy it was to hack it. Nathan knows his hacking: his blog (Platonic Solid) features the first fantasy hacks for the Chronica system.[1]

I told Nathan about some key areas where Technoir was really easy to hack. In our discussion, Nathan called these “hack points.” So I’m stealing the term from him.

Being hackable has been part of Technoir‘s design from the start. Here are a few examples of easy ways to modify the game:

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  1. [1] Nathan also has some intersting thoughts on using Agile software development techniques for game design purposes.

Double Extraction–Inception via Don’t Rest Your Head

On Wednesday nights right now we’re running a short campaign play-testing the rules for Noblesse Oblige, the lordship supplement for Chronica Feudalis. However, last night we were one lord short and a little crunched for time so we quickly threw together a one-shot of something else.

You should know that I have always been very fond of the Don’t Rest Your Head rules system ever since Dan Bayn (you know, of Wushu fame) ran it for us last year. You should also know that I’ve had a huge itch to play some role-playing implementation of Inception since I saw it a couple of months ago. I figured these two thing would go together like bread and butter. You should know that they do.

They go so well together that Fred Hicks made his own Inception game based on a hack of his DRYH rules and ran it on Skype not long ago. Dan actually participated in that game. He could have probably regurgitated Fred’s rules for us, but we decided on a more straight-forward re-skinning of the DRYH dice pools.

So I wanted to share what we came up with. Before you read any further, you might want to make sure that you’re familiar with DRYH as well as the film Inception. Spoilers and all that. Read more »