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Why Don’t You Just Tell Me What Mentors You Want

I’m doing some research on various medieval cultures and time-frames for a few, free PDF supplements for Chronica Feudalis. I’m putting together mentor lists for each of these groups – like horse archers for the Seljuk Turks, housecarls for Anglo-Saxon England, and poets for the Almoravids and Almohads – and I want to make sure I’m not leaving out anything that you think is necessary.

Here are the cultures I have on tap:

  • Almoravids and Almohads
  • Anglo-Saxon England
  • Byzantine Empire
  • Seljuk Turks
  • Vikings

So, to make a character who is part of one of these cultures, what mentors would you need? Please feel free to leave your answers in the comments of this post. Thanks.