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Starting Out

My first ideas when starting a new game design have the biggest impact on the whole process. It’s something to be careful of and respectful of.

Let’s say I get this cool idea for a dice mechanic. Say, step dice attributes + dice pool skills. There’s a lot of assumptions in that little formula. The first is that there are dice at all. The second is that we’re going to have attributes and skills. That means that, if this is our core mechanic, we’re testing competency more than anything else. That probably ┬ámeans this is an adventure game rather than a story game.[1] So we’re already on the road towards legacy GM/player roles.
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  1. [1] Going by Ryan Macklin’s definitions found here

Noblesse Oblige Video Blog: Overview

I’ve recently finished the 37,000 word first draft of Noblesse Oblige, the lordship supplement for Chronica Feudalis. And, well, instead of writing more words about it, let me just tell you what it’s all about.

Sorry about all the ‘uh’s and ‘um’s. I’ll get better at this, I swear. If you want to track what I’m saying about it on twitter, follow me (@jeremyjkeller) or search for the hashtag #NobOb.