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Playtest Version Available

With the translation of Chronica Feudalis almost complete, I’ve decided to make available the current draft available for anyone interested in taking a peek at the rules or giving the game a shot. You’ll find the manuscript available in the downloads section as well as the character sheet and a handy table that references the available mentors and skills.

Keep in mind that this draft is the version of the text before the editor got his hands on it, so it might be a bit rough around the edges yet. It’s also missing the cellarer’s fifth chapter, as I’m not quite done deciphering it.

If you have the opportunity to give the game a playtest, I’d be most happy to hear your feedback. You may email me at jeremy@cellar-games.com.

May 26th, 2009: The playtesting phase of Chronica Feudalis has now come to an end and this document is no longer available. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback. The final version of Chronica Feudalis will debut at GenCon Indy, this August.