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New Chronica Feudalis Review Up On Reviews from R’lyeh

Pookie has this to say about Chronica Feudalis:

The rules are light and easy, as is character generation, with a setting that has room enough for both GM and players to make Medieval Europe what they want.

Read the full review here.

Chronica Feudalis reviewed on The Voice of the Revolution

Listen as Brennan Taylor and Ryan Macklin discuss Chronica Feudalis on the latest episode of The Voice of the Revolution. Be sure to stick around til the end when Brennan talks about kicking off his Anglo-Saxon era Chronica campaign. Good stuff.

Listen here.

A Podcast and a Review

Listen to the sound of my voice! You’ll find that the latest episode of Voice of the Revolution features an interview with me, Jeremy Keller. Brennan Taylor quizzed me on the experiences of being a first-time game publisher and the process of creating Chronica Feudalis.

Meanwhile, over at RPGnet, a new Chronica Feudalis review has been put up. This one from the pen of C. W. Richeson. See his take on this medeval RPG of historical adventure.

Chronica Feudalis is, of course, available at IPR and the fine gaming stores that carry indie RPGs.