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Technoir Beta Rev Final

I’ve been very fortunate to have a lot of feedback on the Technoir Beta over the last month or so. Your comments and concerns have given me a lot to work with in shaping this little game into something stronger (and, by page count, bigger). I’ve just posted a new version of the beta with what is likely going to be close to the final text of the game. Please look it over and let me know what you think. I’m curious to hear if it addresses issues you may have had with the previous versions. If you get a chance to playtest it over the next week or so, I’d love to get your feedback.

Technoir Beta – 813KB

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Blue Knight Edition Available

Chronica Feudalis Blue Knight EditionThe Blue Knight edition of Chronica Feudalis is now available! The PDF versions of the game have been updated with the new edition files at RPGNow and DriveThruRPG as well as Indie Press Revolution. If you have already own the PDF of Chronica Feudalis, just go to the site where you purchased it, log-in, view you past purchases, and re-download the PDF. If you don’t own Chronica Feudalis, what are you waiting for? Buy the PDF today!

New in the Blue Knight edition:

  • Simplified defense rolls to make conflicts run smoother and quicker
  • A streamlined skill list
  • Enhanced conditions that improve the effectiveness of maneuvers
  • More robust purse rules

Print copies of the Blue Knight edition will be available at the Indie Press Revolution booth (#2339) at Gen Con 2010. Look for them at the IPR website and your favorite local retailers soon after. Just look for the blue knight on the cover.

Chronica Feudalis Blue Knight Edition

Announcing the Blue Knight edition of the medieval RPG, Chronica Feudalis. This new version incorporates all the changes from the revision document (found in the downloads section) into the complete text of the game. These updates to the rules, made over the past year since the game’s original publication, make this game of imagined adventure more streamlined and accessible at your game table.

Every effort has been made to maintain the pagination and layout of the original book. This means that, except for where rules have specifically changed, any rule you look up will be found on the same page as in the original edition. There’s nothing preventing you from playing with both versions at your game table.

Print copies of the Blue Knight edition will be available, barring any significant printer issues, at GenCon 2010. PDF sources will be updated with the new version soon. So if you already own the PDF of Chronica Feudalis, you will be able to update to the Blue Knight edition for free!

Just look for the blue knight on the cover.

The Chronica Feudalis Revision Document

Since publishing Chronica Feudalis, I have found a few, slight wrinkles in the game-play. I have discovered these both from the demos and regular campaign I have run as well as from feedback from the fans out there. So I have started compiling a document of revisions to the rules system. I have posted this revision document in the downloads section of the Chronica Feudalis website as well as a character sheet and mentor list that are compatible with the revisions. If you are currently running or about to start a Chronica Feudalis game, I would highly suggest looking over this document, as many of the revisions serve to simplify and smooth-out game-play and other revisions help to better define some of the more vague rules. Feel free to pick and choose the revisions you wish to play with, but please be aware that a few of the revisions are dependent on other revisions.

Here is what the revisions do:

  • Combines the reaction and passive defense into one defense roll
  • Streamlines the skill list down to 20 skills (5 in each category)
  • Revises mentors in regards to the new skill list
  • Enhances the effectiveness of conditions, therefor making maneuvers more advantageous
  • Removes the Vigor Rush rule
  • Clarifies disarming an opponent through the use of a maneuver
  • Better defines the rules for buying and selling using one’s purse
  • Includes a conversion guide for updating existing characters to the revised rules

Be sure to check back often as further revisions may be added to this document.