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The Mechnoir Player’s Guide is finally complete. About time, I know. Thank you everyone for your patience.

The Player’s Guide includes nine new shiny training programs, six big stompy mechs (or ‘rigs’), and the two transports that bring them to the battleground. There’s special rules for destroying the tags on your enemies’ rigs and transports and a section for how to deal with scale when hardboiled criminals go up against hard-cased machines.

Bundled with the player’s guide are three new Transmissions that outline the major colonial factions on Mars: The Chosen, the Shiat al-Raj’a, and the Martian Autonomist Union.

MechnoirYou should have already received notification to download this if you backed Technoir at any level on Kickstarter. If you weren’t able to get in on that, Mechnoir is now up for sale at DriveThruRPG!

Also, the Mechnoir Player’s Guide and Transmissions (just like those for core Technoir) are all Creative Commons. Not only does this mean you can make non-commercial* derivative hacks (as long as you give proper credit), but you can share these files with your friends. So you can always get a free copy from a Kickstarter backer or someone who already purchased it.

Of course, if you do purchase your copy from DriveThru, that helps to support me and help keep me in the business of making products like this.

However you get it, I hope you enjoy Mechnoir. Now it’s time for me to get working on Hexnoir.

Jeremy’s Guide to Writing Transmissions

So a lot of people have been talking on twitter, forums, and blogs about writing their own transmissions for Technoir. This is amazing. This is exactly what I was hoping for. I want to help you as much as I can to do this. …and do this well. …so you will do it more. So I decided to write a brief guide explaining my process as I’ve written the Twin Cities and Los Angeles transmissions.


Write three paragraphs about your city. One is about its unique take on technology, one is about the environment in the region, and the third is about its society—especially given the influences of technology and environment. Think of what themes you want to address with your transmission and talk about them here. This is the most wordy you get to be in the entire document, so enjoy that freedom while you can.

The Nodes

You’re going to come up with 36 nodes. Six connections, six events, six factions, six locations, six objects, and six threats. Each one is going to have a short, one-line description. Don’t write so much that you explain what the node is—write just enough that the GM reading is inspired to define what the node is herself as she connects it to other nodes on her plot map. Read more »

Technoir Beta Rev 2

I just uploaded a new beta document to TechnoirRPG.com. It’s still the same game, mostly, but with a lot of work to clarify it and communicate it better. Thank you to everyone who has been submitting playtest reports. They are helping me tremendously to see what’s working and focus what can be made better.

Technoir Beta – 533KB

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Transmission: Los Angeles

We have a new Transmission for up for download at TechnoirRPG.com. This one centers on the glitzy capital of Immatrix entertainment and gang violence that is Los Angeles.

Transmission: Los Angeles – 463KB

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Transmission: Twin Cities Metroplex

So, people are already starting to playtest Technoir, even without the playtest document out yet! That’s amazingly awesome. Between the video I posted, the rules summaries in the Player’s Guide, and questions I’ve been answering in the comments here and on RPGnet, people are able to get a pretty good sense of the game.

So here’s one more piece of the puzzle: the Twin Cities Metroplex Transmission. It has Connections you will need for making a protagonist and a bunch of other plot nodes and stat blocks to make sure you have some content for the game.
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