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Technoir Kickstarter

There is a lot of great forward momentum for Technoir right now. I’m in the process of an intense revision of the text before I hand it off to the editor—who I am happy to let you know is Will Hindmarch. New Transmissions are in the works by people who are not me! I had the pleasure of playtesting a new one last night that I’m super excited about. More details on that soon. I’ve also been brainstorming with my conspirators to nail down the look of Technoir when it is published—we’re talking art, graphical elements, and layout—and I can’t wait to see it realized. Finally, everyone who is playtesting so far is doing amazing work. I’m still looking for feedback, so if you get a chance to play the beta—all the files are available at TechnoirRPG.com—please email me with your comments and you and your group will get a free PDF copy of the game and credit in the book.

To help fund this process going forward, I’m launching a Kickstarter for Technoir. This gives us a chance to gauge your interest in the game, generate some excitement, and, yeah, generate some cash too. I want to make Technoir an amazing product to hold in your hands. I want a full-color book with a crisp layout, informative illustrations, and evocative images. And I want it to be reasonably priced. The Kickstarter can make that happen.

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Technoir Dice Mechanics

I wanted to post something about the core mechanic for Technoir. But instead of simply using text, I thought it might make things a bit more fun if I showed you how it works. So here’s a little video demo of the game in action.

Sorry if it’s a bit shaky. Bit difficult to hold an iPhone steady while talking.

Noblesse Oblige Video Blog: Overview

I’ve recently finished the 37,000 word first draft of Noblesse Oblige, the lordship supplement for Chronica Feudalis. And, well, instead of writing more words about it, let me just tell you what it’s all about.

Sorry about all the ‘uh’s and ‘um’s. I’ll get better at this, I swear. If you want to track what I’m saying about it on twitter, follow me (@jeremyjkeller) or search for the hashtag #NobOb.